About The Complete PE Program

Nicolette Pratt

Nicolette Pratt  has been teaching in Victorian and UK primary schools for over 20 years. For the last 10 years Nicolette has been the PE specialist at Dandenong Primary School.

Bringing her expert classroom teaching practices to the specialist area of PE has been a rewarding challenge. "I am eternally grateful to all staff and students at Dandenong Primary School who have inspired me to create this PE program".

Over the last 10 years she has developed a whole school sequential PE program including all component areas: Fundamental Motor Skills, Athletics, Gymnastics, Ball Handling, Fitness, Basic Movement, Sport, Dance, Games, Outdoor Education and Sport Education.

Now using the Australian Curriculum, Games Sense and SEPEP as core content, Nicolette has also developed longer units of work to enhance deeper levels of thinking and learning.

Nicolette continues to plan lessons that are enjoyable, all-inclusive and a sequential progression of motor skills to ensure goals are attainable by all students. She uses small sided games to increase activity and engagement with a focus on personal best performances. Nicolette describes student behaviour and participation effort using the Teaching for Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) levels and uses the 6 PoLT principals to enhance student learning.

Nicolette is on the ACHPER Advisory Committee and is an ACHPER consultant presenting at many Professional Development workshops and conferences.

Recently Nicolette was invited by the VCAA to attend the ACARA Health and Physical Education expert teacher reference group to provide opinions on the directions proposed in the draft Australian Curriculum HPE shape paper. 

Following this Nicolette was nominate to trial aspects of the draft HPE Australian Curriculum and now is completing the second stage of the trial by developing work samples for collection and use by the VCAA and ACARA.

She is happily married to a very patient man and the mother of two wonderful children.

"Why reinvent the wheel? I have updated my program to now cover all the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards from Foundation to Level 6."

~ Nicolette Pratt, PE Teacher read more