Graphic Organisers

These are tools to visually represent thoughts, ideas, knowledge and concepts. They help to organise thoughts and to promote understanding.

  • Concept Map
  • Venn Diagram
  • PMI


Students and teachers can use these rubrics to explain levels or quality of performances and achievement. These explicit statements can be used to inform and inspire learning at the beginning, during and conclusion of units of work.

  • Student Cooperation
  • Team Player
  • Invasion Game

Goal Setting

Students are now able to set personal goals for skill development and improvement. They then develop their own practice timeline and are assessed against their own goals. Personal bests are now rewarded!

  • PE Goal for the Year
  • Fitness
  • Athletics

Assessment Criteria

Teachers and students can use assessment criteria as a type of checklist that considers the degree to which a criteria is met. A rating scale is used to described criteria that will be used to judge whether the desired level of performance has been achieved.

  • Create a Game
  • Student Cooperation

Game Performance

Game Performance Assessment Instrument (GPAI) for Invasion, Striking/Fielding and Net/Wall games is a multidimensional system designed to measure game performance behaviours that demonstrate tactical understanding, as well as the player's ability to solve tactical problems by selecting and applying appropriate skills. GPAI provides analyses of individual game performance components of decision making, skill execution and support.

  • Invasion, Striking/Fielding and Net/Wall


These checklists are easy to use by the teacher and by the student. They focus attention on one criteria at a time giving an indication if skills have been accomplished or not.

  • Team Performance

Participation Levels

Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility (TPSR) aims to help students take more responsibility for their own participation and learning. The teaching of these levels give student's the strategies that develop positive participation behaviours.

TPSR Participation levels are:

Level 0 – Irresponsibility
Level 1 – Respect
Level 2 – Participation
Level 3 – Self responsibility
Level 4 - Caring

"Why reinvent the wheel? I have updated my program to now cover all the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards from Foundation to Level 6."

~ Nicolette Pratt, PE Teacher read more